Making Choices About Drinking

The Healthy Living Workbook - Alcohol * Also available in French

The Making Choices about Drinking workbook is an evidence-based and timely educational tool that helps the user understand their relationship with alcohol. It outlines the adverse effects that drinking may have, both from the medical and social perspectives.

This workbook helps users determine if their alcohol use is placing them at significant risk. It facilitates their decision-making about whether to continue or lessen drinking. The workbook then provides tips and tools for monitoring use and attaining alcohol reduction goals.

Throughout, the workbook respects the capacity of users to make healthy choices for themselves.  Making Choices about Drinking can be a powerful tool for organizations wanting to strengthen the health and wellness of patients, clients, students or employees.

Making Choices About Drinking is 34 pages measuring 14 cm x 21.5 cm (8.5" x 5.5"). Select to see scale.

These workbooks are available through bulk order from $4.50 each.