Making Choices About Drinking

The Healthy Living Workbook - Alcohol

The Making Choices About Drinking Workbook is a wonderful resource that discusses honestly the user's relationship with alcohol, including both the risks and the benefits. Designed specifically to be welcoming and non-judgemental, the Healthy Living Workbook discusses the effects of alcohol both in the short and long term, and provides tools to choose the best course of action to reduce or eliminate alcohol in the user's life.

Developed by David Brown, PhD, Making Choices About Drinking is a strength-based resource for individuals looking to improve their health through managing their alcohol intake, and for companies and organizations that want to promote health and wellness among their members.

Making Choices About Drinking is 34 pages measuring 14 cm x 21.5 cm (8.5" x 5.5"). See scale.

These workbooks are available through bulk order for $5 each. During August we have discounts of 10-20% on orders paid by credit card.