Making Choices About Cannabis

The Healthy Living Workbook - Cannabis

The Making Choices About Cannabis Workbook is an important and timely educational tool that helps the user understand their relationship with cannabis and what effects its use will have both from the medical and social perspectives.

Making Choices About Cannabis is designed to help determine whether or not the user's cannabis use falls within healthy limits, and aiding in the decision to continue, reduce, or eliminate cannabis use. The workbook gives tips and tools to monitor cannabis use, and reduce or eliminate use while respecting the social pressures that come with those choices.

Making Choices About Cannabis is a powerful tool for companies or organizations wanting to strengthen the health and wellness of their members. 

Making Choices About Cannabis is 30 pages measuring 14 cm x 21.5 cm (8.5" x 5.5"). See scale.

These workbooks are available through bulk order for $5 each. During August we have discounts of 10-20% on orders paid by credit card.